How content marketing can help you with SEO & What is Off Page SEO

SEO starts with optimizing the technical aspects of a website. Once this is in place you do your keyword research and then try to create high quality content optimized for those keywords.The process of repeating the last two steps (keyword research and content creation) and publishing content that can satisfy the user intent is called content marketing.Content marketing is at the center of every SEO campaign. For Digital Marketing Agency Check Vivid Digital 

Think about it for a moment. What is the Internet? It’s a vast collection of webpages providing information to users via search engines.So, to have any chances of succeeding online, you need content and in many cases lots of content. Yes, there are websites or products that can do well without having a lot of content but that’s the exception and not the rule.

How content marketing can help you with SEO?

There are millions of pages already available on the web for every topic you can imagine but some of them are outdated and a lot of them can certainly be improved.The way to take advance of this for your benefit is to find out for which keywords related to your business, you can create better content.By better content we mean to create something that is different (more insightful, more thorough) from what is already published online.

Publishing content that is as good as what is already published will not get you anywhere.Give reasons to users to be excited with your content so that they share it in social media or reference it from their websites.Do that consistently and for a period of time and soon enough Google will pick up these signals and your traffic will gradually grow. SEO Companies in Hyderabad visit here

Mentioning above that Content is King and that Google is pretty good at differentiating great content from mediocre content.One of the parameters taken into account by the Google ranking algorithm that has a lot of weight is how popular a webpage is on the web.Popularity in this case refers to how many backlinks a webpage has from other related pages on the web.The process of promoting your website on the web to increase its popularity is called off-page SEO.


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