What Is Evaluation By Objectives & Name Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of It

This is the first and the most natural orientation of an educational evaluation: to evaluate a project according to its objectives. The purpose of the objectives in a project is to guide the educational process and to give an orientation to its evaluation.The objectives should be clear, relevant, be organised in a hierarchy of priorities, be adapted to the needs and profile of participants. They should also be organised in a time frame for their achievement. Evaluation by objectives is associated with “keeping track of those objectives” and re-orienting the evaluated educational process if it is not going in the right direction. For Educational Evaluations in US visit UT Evaluators

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of evaluation are as follows

Advantages of Evaluation by objectives are :

1 There is a clear direction in the evaluation process: looking at the fulfilment of the objectives

2 The objectives of an educational activity are the common reference for the different elements and actors. For this reason, evaluating by objectives facilitates the interaction between them

Disadvantages of Evaluation by objectives are :

1 An evaluation that focuses exclusively on the set objectives cannot alone guarantee the fulfilment of the desired learning objectives. Educational Evaluations in US check here

2 There is the risk of paying little attention to the process and other aspects of the activity

3 cSticking only to an evaluation of the objectives limits the creativity and originality of the educational process and does not reflect the diversity or multidimensionality of relevant information that can come out of an educational activity

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