What Is The Cause To Stop Using Social Media

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Social media addiction is a pandemic that is sweeping across the technologically advanced world.

Since the creation of Facebook, social media has become one of the most integral parts of the internet. Americans are constantly sharing pictures, life updates and funny videos. Unfortunately, social media has evolved into something else entirely — a primary news source. A surprising sixty-seven percent of Americans get at least some of their news from social media outlets, according to Pew Research Center. News circulated through social media is often sensationalized, unimportant or altogether fake. Americans need to stop using social media as their primary way of consuming news and stand by traditional news outlets such as newspaper and radio.

The way news is shared on social media is problematic. Sites provide articles from other news sources that they believe are interesting and that users are likely to click on. In fact, several sites, including Facebook, use an algorithm that predicts what each individual user is likely to like, comment on or share, based on browser history, according to an article published May 15 on Forbes. In this way, users only see what is presented to them. People can explore different news topics and opinions but often don’t, according to an article on the website NiemanLabs. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat discourage the user from getting a full range of news stories and opinions. Check for Digital  Marketing Agency Check Vivid Digital 

But there are a number of recent studies that show it is not quite a healthy practice to be glued to an electronic device, waiting for the next tweet to come up or posting one.And while there are many pros and cons of social media for society, there are also reasons aplenty on why individuals should limit their use of these platforms of stop using them altogether.

Here are at least seven of them, not necessarily in the order of their importance :

1. It Makes You Lazy and Devoid of Energy

As one spends maximum time through the waking hours on social media, they begin to have no interest on other important activities. It can get to the point that the habit grows so badly on the individual that a sense of laziness develops and it would appear the engagement with social media drains the person of all energy.

2. It Creates Impatience

Excessive time spent on social media has the effect of making people lose their temper quickly, since any distraction from their preferred activity sets off a kind of irritation.

From the real-world social setting and relationship building, whether within the family, or in an office environment, this could prove to be extremely undesirable.

Studies have indeed documented Facebook’s negative effects on users’ moods.

3. Channels That Market Fake News

This could be one strong reason to stop using social media. A lot of the content that appears on social media is fake or misleading, and while mainstream media has a responsibility to remain credible before publishing or broadcasting any piece of news, the same does not apply to social media where lies tend to spread faster than the truth. For SEO Companies in London visit here

By being a party to such an ecosystem that thrives on untruth and gossip, you are lending yourself to being a supporter of purveyors of falsehood.

4. It Curtails Creativity

Social media works on some idea being shared by one person and hundreds, if not thousands liking it or forwarding it. So much time is spent on doing this that the average internet user has very little time to pursue activities of creative nature.

It is essential that whatever human beings do, they must be able to bring or add a little of their own in terms of ideas or solutions. This becomes virtually impossible with one’s unending engagement with social media.

5. Problems with Focusing

Studies have demonstrated that social media use causes lower levels of productivity and focus.

This has often been reported and you might have had occasions when you’re in a work meeting and some of your colleagues are checking social media sites on their phones for the latest messages. If the boss were to ask them a question or two on the topic or project or whatever is being discussed at the meeting, they will come back with a blank expression.

This could have negative implications for them going ahead.

6. It Limits the Scope for Personal Growth

You will have to acknowledge that social media favors the well-known and popular people who have achieved and earned their name and reputation in real-life and not by being active on social media.

Users often compare their lives to that of other users they view are more successful. In reaction, they focus on their own field of activity, achieve some results and show the world what they’ve done; and it is for this reason that social media can be a limited avenue that drives personal growth for individuals. Rather than the motivation being to further their own personal well-being, the social media user’s goal is instead narrowed only towards activities that can be shared and showcased on their social accounts.

7. Improve Your Well-Being by Limiting Your Social Media Use

You could turn out to be a lot healthier after you make the decision to stop or limit all activities on your smartphone relating to social media. This is no empty claim, as there are practical examples of people feeling free after they succeeded in withdrawing themselves from social media and gaining complete control over their lives.

There could be other valid reasons to put an end to wasting one’s precious time on social media platforms and making no gains whatsoever. During the time you spent on social media unproductively, you could have produced something worthwhile and earned yourself dollars or other measures of reward.

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